Monday, 1 March 2010

Looking back on February, looking forward to March

I've seen a few of these monthly round-up posts and I like the idea of gathering my thoughts, looking back at the previous month and then looking ahead to the month that has just started.

After a turbulent January, when I started blogging for realz and brought across all my existing reviews from Librarything, I really settled into the blogging in February (although I did have pretty much a week out thanks to a trip to the States!)

In February, I conducted my first interview (opening with a doozy of a subject, if I say so myself, in the form of Sam Sykes). That interview can be found here, for those who missed it the first time round. Sam was then kind enough to return the favour - as part of his Blogger Round-up, he invited me in and I talked girl bloggers, loathed books and cover art. Find it here - it's worth a look, just for the daft picture Sam used to represent me (although I can't resist reproducing it here!)

Speaking idly of cover art, the second of my two UK vs. US cover art quizzes featured in early February. Both of these quizzes picked up a vast number of visitors, which was both gratifying and slightly mystifying at the same time. Clearly cover art is a massive deal still!

I managed to fit in two articles: firstly, I asked how bloggers buy books, a subject that became increasingly more interesting as the month progressed and review copies started coming through the front door. Secondly, I posed a series of questions concerning female characters in fantasy literature - the comments I received in response to this were well-considered and fully as interesting as the original article. I urge you to take a look and join the discussion - latecomers always welcome!

Finally, I managed to squeeze in a few reviews - although not as many as I intended to or would have liked to post! Rather than link back to those, I'll let you go and have a read!

Looking forwards to March then...

I will be kicking off a semi-regular feature (that will also be posted to in the first instance) where I interroga.... ah, ask questions of those who Live With the Writer. My first subject - and a lovely one she is! - is Michaela Deas. I'll be publicising this interview both on behalf of Fanlit and FtCB.

Look out for two reviews that have already been written - I've just been waiting for the right time to post them! The first is King Maker by Maurice Broaddus and the second is Tome of the Undergates by the aforementioned Sam Sykes. Look for these reviews in the first half of March.

I have been invited to guest review over at the lovely Book Chick City, and intend to tackle 'A Matter of Blood' by Sarah Pinborough for her (which dropped through the door today courtesy of the lovely folk at Gollancz).

Finally, I want to highlight a few of the books I intend to read and review during March. I plan a read of 'The Adamantine Palace' followed by 'The King of Crags' by Stephen Deas.

The arrival of 'Under Heaven' by Guy Gavriel Kay has prompted embarrassing 'squees!' of excitement and an immediate lift to the top of my reading list.

I want to start an exciting trilogy by Kylie Chan - 'White Tiger' being the first, published by Angry Robot Books.

Those are my definites, but I'm also desperate to make room for 'Blue Bloods' by Melissa De La Cruz

AND 'The Poison Throne' by Celine Kiernan

AND 'Fool' by Christopher Moore

AND 'Farlander' by Col Buchanan

AND 'Wolfsangel' by M D Lachlan

As you can see, I have my favourite dilemma of all: too many books, not enough time, and desperate to read them all!

I hope you'll join me for an exciting journey through March!

(With grateful thanks to Fanlit, Voyager, Orbit, Little Brown, Headline, Gollancz and Pan Macmillan for the opportunity to receive these great books!)


  1. Such a lot of great books on your list to read! Can't wait to see what you think of A Matter of Blood :)

  2. So with you on Under Heaven. Just got back from my wonderful week away and my review copy took the edge right off my holiday being over. Here's to burning the midnight oil for the sake of some GGK!