Sunday, 21 March 2010

Beautiful Bookshelves

Okay, I preface this blog post with two warnings - one is that the following may well inspire more envy and two is that there are many pictures within (beware if you are on a slow connection...)

I have a LOT of books. I say this frequently, but I don't think people take me seriously and I certainly don't think that I realised quite how many books it is! So the week that has just passed I decided to sort out all my books and put them into some semblance of order. I spent a very merry time separating them by genre and then, rather sadly (yes, I have a fair bit of time on my hands!) putting them into alphabetical order. Although that last might have been a mistake, being as I almost hyperventilate at the fact I didn't leave gaps to insert new books!

Anyway, enough chat and let's get on with some pictures!

To start us off, here is a picture of the empty Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves (yeah, the name of my blog wasn't just a clever name *snark*):

Next let us take a look at the rather awe-inspiring and (believe me!) daunting piles of books prior to me sorting them into genres!

Here are those original bookshelves now packed with just my fantasy genre books (yes, I do read other genres :-p)

Let's look more closely at some of the classy fantasy books I own! First up, pretty much a metre of Gemmell books - and what a great way to use a metre of space.

And he are my treasured de Lint books (most of them imported directly from the States because they're not published over here, which is absolutely criminal - if you haven't checked him out yet, I would encourage you to do so!)

Not seen anything you like yet? How about some Williams?

No? Hmm, you are hard to please! Alright, here is random selection photo number one then...

Even Abercrombie's books didn't do the trick? Let's try random selection number two!

Last try with the fantasy...

Alright, I give up *grin* - maybe you're an urban fantasy type person?

I was honestly shocked by just how much sci-fi I owned! I am now looking forward thoroughly to Walker of World's Sci-Fi Appreciation Month (to which I am contributing a guest review), since it should let me know where to start in tackling these sci-fi books I have managed to accumulate.

I also have a side to me that appreciates some flirty chick lit! These books tend to be the ones that come in and out the quickest, since I read them in between heavier fiction like a long fantasy series, and usually then send them out to charity shops for someone else to enjoy. Sure, I'm a book hoarder, but when you know you really won't read something a second time, why keep it?

Here are my A-L chick lit books:

And here are the M-Z:

I am also rather partial to a little historical fiction (with full collections of both the Sharpe novels and the Aubrey-Maturin series):

Okay, I really have shown you only a fraction of the books I own in these pictures, but I don't want to just fill a post with loads of photos that are no doubt taking ages to load!

I'll leave you with just two more. The first one I am sure will grab me back some of those followers who were walking away with disgust at the bad taste I had been displaying up til now - my Pratchett shelves! Who doesn't love Pratchett?

And, finally, an amusing picture for Gav from Next Read and Lee Harris of Angry Robot Books (if they pop on to read this) - after the discussion we had about short form fiction, I present you with my massive, my gargantuan, my truly epic collection of short stories...

And there we are! Hope you enjoyed that brisk spin around my bookshelves - please do let me know if you want to see more pictures, I love showing it all off *grin*.

Do you recognise any of the many books on my shelves? Any older books that you'd like to see me review? Comments are more than welcome, even if they say 'I hate you for your book collection!'


  1. So is that a single room? Like your own library? I'd love to see a full room shot.

  2. That is quite the collection. Puts most of us to shame! How many of those have you read?

  3. @ Anonymous - No, these books are actually spread across several rooms; there is no way they'd all fit into one!

    @ Mark - sadly, I have not read all of them by quite a long way. But I was a) surprised by how many I have read when I took them all out and b) pleased by my desire to read all the ones I haven't got to yet!

  4. So many familiar books, such good taste!!!
    I love Philippa Gregory's Wideacre trilogy. And you read Jacqueline Carey too :-) Naamah's Kiss is looking at me screaming 'read me, read me' but haven't had the time recently.
    I recognise a lot of your urban fantasy... I prefer Merry Gentry to Anita Blake and have read all Kelley Armstrong too. Have also been known to read Sherrilyn Kenyon too (Acheron is my fave).
    I also read a lot of thrillers with a religious or myth/legend theme, like Clive Cussler, Mario Reading and Thomas Greanias, which I then pass on to the guys at work!
    So reassuring to know that I'm not the only book nerdess around!! Excellent shelves :-)

  5. Whoa! I feel like I should take a month off work and come hang out at your place with the books!

  6. These are sooo coool...I would like to buy one the coming week.

  7. Yowza. And here I thought my TBR mountain range was a problem in my life. You are the queen and I am envious of your shelves!

  8. That was fantastic. I've always wanted a wall of books.

  9. Are you trying to drive me crazy? I mean really? I love your shelves - but my God woman! There are BIG books poking up from perfect even rows. Big books go the left in descending order!!


  10. It's a beautiful thing.....

    I'm lucky enough to have amassed shedloads of books - despite giving shedloads away - but I count myself more lucky to have a house that allows me a room to use as a library. Whenever I think of home, it's the library that comes to mind......

  11. Just discovered your blog on the Blog Hop! I totally relate to your bookshelf situation because I had the same issue..tripping over books constantly!
    The shelves look great!-I'm trying to get all my books on eReaders...easy to lug around and NO backache!

  12. Amanda, did you know that you can fit all of those books into a 6" x 4" x .5" space if you have a Kindle? :)
    Not as fun to look at maybe, but lots easier to carry...

  13. Oooh, thanks to all the lovely comments!

    @murf - I LOVE Jacqueline Carey, but I've only read her first Kushiel trilogy. I really need to remedy that! I liked the Merry books well enough, because at least they were honest from the start about what LKH was going to be doing with them (e.g. lots of sex), but the first nine books or so of the Anita series are still awesome. Us book nerdesses should definitely unite!

    @Adele: Haha, you're quite welcome to visit :-p

    @ Nikki, Susan & Bekah: Thanks for commenting and for holding back the envy :-)

    @Cat: Haha, your comment made me laugh out loud! I do know what you mean re books being all different sizes, but I really wanted to see them by author. My OCD is going mad because some of my hardbacks wouldn't fit on the shelves and so I have an outsize shelf in my living room, and I HATE that they can't fit with the others.

    @ Jo: That was the comment I thought I'd be getting from everyone!

    @ Robert: I miss my books when I'm away more than the house! Books and cats!

    @Nickee and Kat: Oooh, do not blaspheme and talk to me about eReaders! I am not moving technology until I have to be dragged kicking and screaming. My books are too pretty for me to want a machine as substitute! :-D

  14. Wow, what a lot of books.

    Are they all in one room in your house?


  15. I am envious of your floor to ceiling bookshelves! I must have some of my own!

  16. Impressive. I did the same thing at the beginning of the year.
    Now, I lost my file with the titles from my personal library and I plan to make another this year. I dare you to show us your list :)

  17. Holy crap you have a whole library in your house, that's awesome!

  18. @ Neil: Haha, no they are scattered through rooms throughout the house! I couldn't fit them all into one room if I want to display them nicely :-)

    @ Jenn: The floor to ceiling bookshelves my dad helped me to build, so that I could have them all across one wall of my living room. I dread to think of the weight on that wall!

    @ Mihai: Hmm, I don't have a list like that to hand, and I don't plan on making one - it would take up too much valuable reading time.

    @ Eleni: Thanks for stopping by - it does feel like I have a whole library in my house!

  19. My gosh. I imagine your house to be like Jay Gatsby's. Do you throw wild decadent parties too? I'm ashamed to say that my "library" is stored away at the moment as I travel the world. Incidentally - though probably not coincidentally - you have a reader's way with words.

  20. You go girl!
    *high five*
    You could start a book store ;)
    I love the new shelves.

  21. Whoooa, yeah, that's a lot of books! And wow, your chick lit collection is very impressive if I may say so myself, I spy a looot of brilliant authors & titles!
    By the way, I just discovered your site and I think it's a shame that I can follow your blog? I'd love to be kept up to date so I added you on Twitter instead. :)

  22. @Jim - Yep, wild decadent parties :-p I think your last line is a compliment - at least, I am taking it as so, so thank you!

    @Juju - but starting a bookstore means letting some of my books go! Nooooo!

    @Bookalicious - love the name! Is my RSS feed button not working? Or are you trying to follow in some other way? Let me know because I'm now worried I have thousands of desperate people all trying to sign up! :-p (yep, in my dreams...)

  23. I think I may have just fallen in love with you! OK, so we don't read ALL the same types of books, but still......they're books! And there's HUNDREDS of them!!!!!

  24. Haha - I hope your husband doesn't know about our now-public love affair :-p

  25. Oh God!!!
    I think I am gonna die of envy!!!!
    God damn woman you're the frigin Book Goddess.

  26. Have you got my two books in there?

  27. Like so many others here, I have so many books I expect to be put on trial for my crimes agaisnt trees. I finally have an opportunity to refit a room as my library! If you can bear to count them could you tell us how many book you fit into, say, a foot of floor to ceiling shelving? That way I can work out if they are all going to fit.

  28. 'I hate you for your book collection!'
    can you send me all of your pictures?
    can you send me a list of all your books?
    I can not find your e-mail=P