Saturday, 6 March 2010

Floor to Ceiling Books on tour!

It looks very much as though I will be having a busy year in terms of getting out and about, and meeting other bloggers/authors at various conventions and events across the UK.

I kick off with a truly lovely trip (and I am squeaking with excitement every time I think about it) to the Sanderson Hotel on 15th March. This is to attend the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, and I shall be accompanied by Alex Bell and Michaela Deas. I would love to celebrate the occasion with the bracelets below but I really cannot justify the expense!

My next outing is another one I am thrilled by (actually, I am just generally excited by all the cool things I am getting to do thanks to starting this blog!) The ladies at Headline Books have invited me to the following event, and I do hope to meet such luminaries of the blogging world as Gav from Next Read, Liz from My Favourite Books and Carolyn from Book Chick City!

After that is Eastercon, and it sounds very much like a posse of bloggers are planning to attend their first convention together for a Saturday trip. The draft programme has now been released and there are more than enough fascinating panels to have me looking forward to this.

Adele from Un:bound seems to have persuaded me to pop up to the Midlands for Alt:fiction as well:

Finally, I am considering doing the full convention weekend at Fantasy Con in September, although that currently seems like eons away with the amount I have planned to fill the first part of the year!

If you're heading to any of the above events, it would be great to meet you and put some faces to names!


  1. I've been doing Eastercon for the last couple of years, and will be there right through!

    Switching hats for a moment, those bracelets are giving me ideas...

  2. Ideas for what? Do tell! :-)

  3. Exciting times ahead indeed! Love the bracelets too :-) See you at Eastercon

  4. Oh, just that I've been experimenting a bit recently with laminated lacquerware and textual jewellery. No examples to show off, unfortunately - will prod my model a bit more!

  5. Yay! I can't wait to meet you and everyone at the Headlines party. There's a great line up of authors too, so very excited!!

    I was also emailed at the weekend telling me that I have been successful in acquiring two tickets for World Horror Con (I was on the waiting list), so I am now attending this rather than the EasterCon (as can't do both).

    There's also a UK book bloggers meet up 8th May in London (coming?) so that should be fun.

    I will also, probably, be going to Fantasy Con as well this year, but that's not a definite yet.

    So a busy year for me too - but I love it!

  6. Oh, which authors are down to appear at the Headline event? I didn't know that this news was available!

    Shame you're not going to be at Eastercon, I'm getting seriously excited about that one now that I've seen the programme and have exchanged phone numbers with my fellow con virgins :-) (looking at you, Murf!!)

    Actually, I emailed Simon about the 8th May and have added my name to the list, I'm really pleased you're going too.

    Suddenly this year is turning very busy, but hey, it's all good :-)

  7. I am going to stuff myself silly at that Mad Hatter's Tea Party! And I won't be above asking for a doggy bag if I can't manage it all, either. ;-)