Saturday 17 November 2007

That's All, Folks!

Yes, in the immortal words of Porky Pig, I am announcing the closure of Floor to Ceiling Books.

This is not a decision made lightly. But it is, I feel, a necessary decision to make.

You see, I have a new job. A dream job. I am going to be heading up the new imprint from Angry Robot - STRANGE CHEMISTRY. I am taking my place as editor of Strange Chemistry (sister imprint of ANGRY ROBOT BOOKS), and will be bringing you the best in YA books in the future.

As such, I felt there was simply too much of a conflict of interest to continue blogging and reviewing books - especially those that are published in the same arena that I will be working in.

I love you all, my readers who have been loyal and who have come back to my blog time and again to read the words I put out. I will miss blogging. I will miss enthusing over new book finds with you and encouraging you to part with money for those novels you really shouldn't be missing.

But *deep breath* I will now be choosing some of those novels that I think you should be reading (and I'm afraid to say I grin madly every time I contemplate that fact!) I will be discussing with you the new directions we can see YA going. I can enthuse to you about how important and vital I think young adult fiction is.

I'm glad that I can finally tell you all what has been going on the past few months (I think some of you probably had your suspicions anyway!) and I hope that you will all join me on my new journey, bringing Strange Chemistry to life.

Thank you all so, so much and see you on the other side!