Wednesday 17 March 2010

A Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

Yesterday I had a day out in Wonderland - well, alright London. I went to the rather swanky Sanderson Hotel (the type of place I would never normally be able to afford to stand in the lobby - seriously, check the pictures below) with Alex Bell and Michaela Deas.

This is me looking all excited!

This is the fabby company I went with!

This is what we ate!

And this is me, happy at home with one of my cats and typing this post!

It was a fabulous day!

And because this is my blog, so I can, have a truly awesome picture of my cute nephew! (And, yes, clearly I only own one top going by this picture...)


  1. Cute nephew. Though I want juicy details about what you talked about and vivid descriptions of the cupcakes you ate. Tisk Tisk Tisk.

    Anyway, awesome pictures.

  2. What fun! I want to throw a tea party :)