Thursday 21 April 2011

In Absentia

This blog is going to go suddenly silent.

I have Eastercon this weekend. I have my birthday on Tuesday. I'm working up in Leeds for month end all next week. I am celebrating with family and friends the following Bank Holiday weekend.

It amounts to about eleven days. There will be the odd posts cropping up here and there, but nothing regular, and I'm going to have to skip out of 30 Days of Genre and come back to it once I'm a permanent presence on the blog again.

So... Enjoy a break from me and I'll see you all soon!


  1. You deserve a bit of time off.
    Have fun! :-)

  2. Hope you have a fab weekend & a wonderful birthday :o)

  3. In my head you were writing a post about the Porcupine Tree album

    Have a really good break - enjoy yourself and have masses of lovely fun x

  4. You're a hard worker my dear, have a good weekend and bday!