Saturday 16 April 2011

30 Days of Genre - Day 4

Here we are moving swiftly onto Day 4 of the 30 Days of Genre! I hope you're keeping up and enjoying these little snippet posts that provide a little insight into my genre tastes. If you have joined in, please link me YOUR day 4 posts in the comments so that I can check out what you've written today.

The topic today is your Guilty Pleasure Novel.

Hmmmm.... This is actually the toughest category so far for me. I am quite discerning with my fantasy novels. I usually investigate what I'm going to read fairly ruthlessly, and don't ever re-read any of the easily discarded fantasy that doesn't fulfil my needs. If we were just talking reading in general, then it would no doubt be a Maeve Binchy novel.

I class Guilty Pleasure novels as those you turn to for comfort - usually easy reading, and slightly embarrassing to confess to.

Aha! I have it! Definitely ANYTHING by Laurell K Hamilton - it is definitely genre (featuring, as it does, necromancy, vampires, shifters of all varieties and various other ghosts and ghouls). I lap them up, at the same time as being quite disgusted with myself for reading them *grin*

How about you?


  1. I have a select few books that I consider comfort reads, but I don't feel guilty reading them and I try to recommend them to just about anyone.

    My guilty pleasures are the books I turn to when I want to take a break from my usual reading--they may not comfort me, but they are light, easy reads that make me laugh. There is no specific author or even genre, they just tend to be the books with large amounts of crude humor, silliness, the occasional pun, and a lot of randomness. These books tend to be ones I don't review, because people don't like when you say something along the lines of:

    "It is a great book... if you can look past all the stuff that makes it bad."

  2. My guilty pleasure is found outside the genre and is probably only considered "guilty" reading by fellow genre readers. I speak of Australian author Matthew Reilly, who writes military thrillers.

  3. My guilty pleasure is definitely movie/video game tie ins. Even the really really bad ones.

    Although Anita Blake books would probably be in the top five guilty pleasures... especially the early to middle series books... ;-)

    (As I'm playing too - blogged here:

  4. I'm another in the Anita camp. That and the Sookie Stackhouse books which are among the few I'll re-read (they're so easy).

  5. haha I do like a good Matthew Reilly book. extremely fast paced with balls to the wall action. good choice!

    My guilty pleasure is Kylie Chan's Dark Heavens series. My girlfriend put me on to this. its heavy on the romance stuff but has great mythology and some excellent action. I guess I consider it my guilty pleasure because I see it as chick lit- which i dont think it is.

    Also I still have my old choose your own adventure novels which were and still are.... Awesome!