Friday, 15 April 2011

30 Days of Genre - Day 3

So, day 3 of the 30 Days of Genre celebration and today we're talking about:

A Genre Novel That is Under-Rated

My personal choice here is actually a series of five novels - a little bit of a cheat, you might think, but they're irretrievably interlinked.

This would be The Tales of Einarinn by Juliet E McKenna. They are traditional fantasy, with well-drawn female characters and some stunning battle sequences. The prose is no-nonsense and effective, and there is a deliciously warm centre (rather like a chocolate melt!) to the plotlines.

I really liked these when I read them, but I simply cannot find anyone else who has read them!

Have you read them? If so, what did you think of them? Would you agree that they are under-rated?


  1. While highly rated by those who have actually read them, Matt Stover's Acts of Caine are criminally under-read.

  2. Ooh, yes, Juliet McKenna. Definitely seriously underrated - haven't read those in ages. Absolutely awesome female characters and combat scenes.

    Must reread those again. ;-)

  3. Nick I agree with you completely about the Acts of Caine and I would also add that Sara Douglass' Axis trilogy is also terribly under-rated.
    Kylie Chan is an Australian author whose Dark Heavens trilogy incorporates chinese mythology is also a brilliant romance/action adventure with a very strong female protagonist.