Sunday, 3 April 2011

Herm Island - A Haven for Readers

I have spent the last three days on Herm Island, which looks like this:

Herm Island is described thusly:

Herm Island is 3 miles from the coast of Guernsey and measures just a mile and a half long and half a mile wide. Herm is the perfect place to stay for a truly relaxing island holiday and is ideal for families and anyone wanting to "get away from it all". Once on our paradise island enjoy our beautiful unspoilt beaches and safe, clean pollution-free environment. There are no cars, no crowds and definitely no stress.

You can visit Herm for the day or, better still, choose to stay on the Island where we can offer a variety of accommodation designed to suit all tastes. You could opt to stay in one of our comfortable self catering cottages, allowing you to sample island life while still giving you the freedom to come and go as you please. You could choose to be pampered at The White House Hotel, the only hotel on the Island, where there are no telephones, televisions or clocks.

Enjoy well-appointed bedrooms, an excellent restaurant and outstanding sea views. Alternatively you can camp on Herm Island in one of our modern, well-equipped family size tents or choose to pitch your own tent. Our campsite boasts glorious views across to Sark and the French coast.

I stayed in the White House Hotel, which looks like this from the outside:

The White House Hotel boasts rooms rather like this within:

I walked along the clifftops.

I paddled in the sea.

I drank wine in front of a roaring fire whilst reading my book.

Herm Island is truly a place for the reader. Perfect views, plentiful places to sit and read, peaceful environment. The air is clean and fresh, the pace of life is gentle and slow.

I stayed three days and now I want to live there. In the absence of living there, I will deem it a poor year indeed if I don't manage to visit.

I fell in love this weekend.


  1. It looks awesome :D I could do with a few days there with a book or two :D

  2. Oh wow, that place looks amazing! Definitely somewhere to just kick back with some good books and have a relaxing and refreshing time. I wish there was some place like that around here that I could have a little weekend holiday at! (Just another reason why I ought to move back to the UK, if such a place is relatively nearby!)

  3. WOW. I've just added Herm Island to my great big list of places I've gotta go before I die. It looks wonderful, and I think I'm an itty bitty bit in love with that hotel.