Friday, 18 February 2011

Passion #6: Football

This is the fifth in my series of posts detailing some of my other loves in life - the first being, of course, books! Didn't think I needed to tell you much about that particular passion *grins*

So... #6 is indeed football. To my beloved US readers, that would be soccer. I came to football when I was nine, while I still lived in Germany (Dad being in the Forces). Because I didn't have a local team at that point, since I didn't want to support a German team, I plumped on one of the few English football teams that I had heard of - and picked Manchester Utd. Yep, lots of you will be rolling your eyes right now. I have supported them now for 21 years, through good times and bad. I adored Cantona's power and passion. I have followed Giggs and Scholes since they arrived on the scene, pretty much. I marvelled at THAT goal by David Beckham.

The reason I have written this post these evening is because one of my absolute FAVOURITE Cup competitions is entering the fifth round this weekend. That would be the FA Cup - still one of the most brilliant events around. I know a lot of people scoff at it and think the magic has been lost. Tomorrow, however, Crawley are going to Old Trafford. Manchester Utd are currently first in the Premier League, they have won the FA Cup a record 11 times - and their opponents are a non-League side. Most of their players probably don't even play football full time. A lot of you might be thinking that this seems like an unfair match-up, but for those Crawley players they are going to experience the event of a lifetime: walking out onto the hallowed turf of Old Trafford, playing against extremely famous players, being watched by literally millions. I watched with delight when Havant & Waterlooville (my local team) visited Liverpool and put two goals past them - they did lose, but they could certainly hold their heads with pride.

We have also just experienced a classic Champions League clash, in the first of the knock out rounds this year, between Arsenal and Barcelona. Now, I don't like Arsenal - obviously, as a Utd fan - but even I can admit that the football they play is breathtaking. Barcelona are even better. And, luckily, the match did not disappoint - I could not look away from the TV if I tried! I adore the Champions League as well - the fantastic talent on display, the bombastic theme tune, the differing styles of football. It's just brilliant.

My third reason for putting up this post is this:

That goal is simply AMAZING!

Honestly, the day that I get Sky Sports, I will become a recluse - for me, there is nothing better on a lazy Sunday afternoon than watching two matches back to back! Probably sounds incredibly sad to a number of you, but this is one of my big passions.

Do you like football? Which team do you support? Are you going to lambast me for my choice of team? *grins* Share!


  1. Fellow United fan here, can't wait for tomorrow's game against Crawley.

    Rooney's goal was stunning, simply stunning, I could sit and watch it all day!

    Oh God, and the Champions League this week! I wrote an entire post dedicated to both games, they were so amazing. I actually wish Arsenal could face Barcelona every week, it was magic and I very much doubt it would ever get boring!

    There is nothing better than Saturday and Sunday with the footie. Two matches Saturday plus Soccer Saturday (a passion of mine all by itself!) and then two back-to-back Super Sundays. My idea of heaven.

  2. I love football but I'm not team supporter or fan. I just like the team that plays better. It has been like that for me for years and I always received strange looks because of that. Greeks are very passionate about football and once they pick a team they stick to that one like forever so you can imagine I was a bit unique on that subject. I love english football, it's so dynamic and anything can happen any moment. I also like spanish football a lot. Italian and german not so much. French football is a wild card for me, the teams are not that great but their goals are really entertaining. Greek football is poor, I'm not really proud of it. But we keep struggling so even that effort is commendable! :p Well that's for european leagues anyway.

  3. I don't even really follow football that much anymore, but I still cheer for Newcastle United. Gotta root for the home team!

  4. United for me as well, then again I'm a mancunian so what else would you expect. We've actually been pretty poor all season but still on top of the prem and in the champions league...

  5. Gah a united fan? I'm tempted to stop reading this blog. At least your not a chelsea fan I suppose :P