Friday, 25 February 2011

Amazon Affiliate Links

Alright, just a quick one.

Up until now I have avoided Amazon affiliate links like crazy - but I'm now working backwards and putting links to in each of my book/film reviews. They are very discreet and don't click on them if you abhore Amazon and everything about it!

The reason for this is twofold - one is that I want to give people the opportunity to click through and read other review perspectives to mine. Obviously I'd be hoping that my word is LAW, but it really isn't *grin* and people, gasp, have different opinions to mine. In the case of my negative reviews, I would urge you to click through and read other people's thoughts on the same book.

It is also to give more exposure to the authors featured by me. If you click through, you are given links by Amazon to all the other books that they have written, and hopefully will encourage you to more purchases if you like a particular author.

I'm not gonna lie. If you buy a book through my links to and I receive a small percentage, then I will be thrilled to bits. I am only going to buy other books with any money made, and will then put up reviews of said books, so it's all a sort of circle of books.

Anyway, that's it on this subject - it was just a heads up!


  1. I hope your affiliated links work in your favor. I love all the ideas you post here so I'm granting you with a reward. To receive the ward you must follow instructions from my Vampire Review blog (I have a couple of blogs - instructions are at

  2. why not are most of your readers american?

  3. I've been putting and .com affiliate links on my blog for a while, and I'll be honest: I haven't earned a penny through them. Maybe someday I will, and when I buy things, I do try to do it through affiliate links where I can, so that friends can earn a little for the work they do in reviewing, but for the most part, they just sit there and don't do much but provide an easy link elsewhere. I haven't heard any complaints yet, though!

    I figure you're allowed to have a little bit of compensation for doing this. I mean, other than mountains of free books. :p There's no harm in it, by my way of thinking.