Wednesday 23 February 2011

The Launch of China Miéville's New Covers (plus giveaway!)

A couple of weeks ago a truly wonderful invitation popped into my inbox - the opportunity to go to Tor HQ and see the launch of China Miéville's repackaged backlist and his latest novel Embassytown (in all good bookstores May 2011!) So this evening I headed to London and enjoyed a hospitable time, with a reading, lots of photo ops, delicious cake and a bag full of books to bring home.

I think by now you've all seen the new covers - here they are on some exclusive postcards:

Check out this fabulous display of Embassytown ARCs:

Scrummy cake!

China enjoying said cake!

Here, again, are the books repackaged - I don't know about you, but I plan to rebuy all the novels to get them matching on my shelf!:

And I even nervously asked China for a picture with him - which is more than can be said of every other occasion I've met him *grins*:

All in all, it was just a great evening. I'd like to thank Julie, Chloe and the rest of the Tor team for my invite! It was also fab meeting up with various industry/blogging types. While they were all in the same room and to put them absolutely on the spot, I asked a number of them which of the new covers they preferred.

I even dared to ask Julie Crisp (Perdido Street Station) and China himself (Iron Council) - although he did want me to make clear that his answer would likely change on an hourly basis!

What is quite clear - and probably very gratifying to the Tor team behind the design - is that these new covers were incredibly well received by all present.

Would love to hear which of the covers are your favourite!

And you, my dear readers, are in for a rare treat. I have a signed copy of Embassytown for giveaway, along with a set of the postcards with the beautiful artwork of all nine books. To be in with a chance, send an email to magemanda AT gmail DOT com with EMBASSYTOWN as the subject line. Include your mailing address to which the prize should be sent. I will open this up worldwide because I'm feeling generous after such a lovely evening *grin* This competition will run until next Tuesday, at which point I will announce the winner.

Good luck!

Oh, and I'm 30 pages into Embassytown so far and can say it is utterly unique and breathtaking with the craftsmanship of the writing up to this point. I reckon you'll be wanting to read this book!


  1. Hi,
    The books look awesome! I shall be updating my bookshelf. Would like to know who made the cakes?

  2. I'm also going to have to go re purchase all his books; the packaging is awesome! Can't wait for May now AND Embassytown! :)

  3. 1. Those covers are fantastic. I suspect I will be repurchasing his books shortly. Are those UK only?

    2. Just between you and me and everyone reading these comments, I will pay you for that copy of Embassytown (joking).

    3. I hate you.

  4. JEALOUS! Can't wait to read Embassytown. I've stuck with China Miéville during the last six years or so since the last Bas Lag novel and, although I've enjoyed the books in the interim, I have to say I'm pretty excited about what looks like a return to more 'genre' SFF.

    For some reason I'm not surprised that Iron Council's cover is his favourite, by the way: from interviews and the things he's said at signings, I've always gotten the feeling that it's his favourite of the trilogy.

    My personal favourite of the new covers is The Scar. The half 'n' half split of Armada above and the avanc beneath seems utterly fitting. Pleasantly surprised with these covers in general. Although I prefer the originals (wouldn't trade my first edition hardcovers for the world ;D) I think these are as good as anyone might wish in today's market where traditional painted covers aren't the done thing anymore.

  5. As covers go I'm torn between Kraken or Embassytown, even though I've only ever finished The City and the City, but one day I'll finish Perdido Street Station, one day...
    Also: Yay! Competition! Do we just have to send in our address? No questions to answer? I can answer questions all day long for the chance to win a free book...

  6. No questions at all, just a mailing address and I'll put everyone's names in a hat next Tuesday :-)

  7. I haven't read the Bas Lag novels so am eagerly looking forward to them! Loved The City & The City.

  8. What a great event - it looks brilliant! Also, love the new covers (and that cake looks ruddy gorgeous).

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  10. So jealous!

    ...and thus will I rebuy all the Mieville books! LOL!

    Those covers are AWESOME!

    I am partial to the one for Kraken.

  11. Those covers are awesome :D I think I like the Kraken one best.

  12. Lucky!! I'm a little bit jealous of you right now. Those covers look cool. Are they UK only?

  13. Ok -- these covers are awesome, and your pictures are awesome. And..... I am completely green with envy. Deep green.


  14. And this is my second comment..... zoomed in on your photos ... and am now completely captivated by his tattoo. *sigh*

  15. Agrhhh!!! Who do I contact at Tor/Pan Macmillan for an Embassytown poster!!!?!? I do want!!! That will look awesome on my dorm wall when I go to university this year :-)

  16. ...actually now that I notice them, ANY of the posters made of the new sleeve designs! I'd go for The Scar all the way. They should sell these!