Saturday, 31 July 2010

WINNER - Horus Heresy Giveaway!

Thank you so much for all the many hundreds of entries I received into this giveaway. I appreciate your support - especially those who said that they would stick around after finding my blog through various means. I hope that you find much to enjoy!

As promised, I used to find my winner - here is the screenshot:

Number 127 on my spreadsheet list of entrants was.... *pauses for drum roll*


He wins the bundle of 13 Horus Heresy books and associated goodies.

Congratulations to him and commiserations to everyone else.

Thanks once again for entering this giveaway.


  1. Well done Chris, Thanks for running this Amanda despite the opinions of some, I for one appreciate it and I'm sure Chris does too.

  2. Cheers Rob - it is lovely to know that the majority enjoyed this :-) I definitely enjoyed running it, and knowing that such a great prize was up for grabs!

  3. Well done Chris - congratulations. And thank you Amanda - it was through your running a giveaway and my spotting it on someones RT on Twitter that led me to discover your blog too. And I'm so glad I did :) I promise my loving your blog has nothing to do with me having won a book in that giveaway either *g* (OK maybe a little bit but love your style too!)

  4. Wooohooo :)

    Thanks Magemanda that's awesome, im well chuffed i never win anything!!!

    Thanks again for running a great competition :)

    Kindest regards
    Chris H :)

  5. Congrats Chris :)

    And big thanks to Amanda!

  6. thanks for the competition Amanda, and my gratulations to Chris!

  7. I didn't win, but thanks for the giveaway!