Monday, 19 July 2010

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned...


Readers of my blog will know that I decided on a Book Buying Embargo
- starting 6th June I wouldn't buy any new books, at all, for six months. I was even quite smug about my progress. But now, ah now, readers, I have fallen off the wagon. And not just in a small way. I recently binged on TEN new books.

I have no excuses, no reasons. I walked around my local Waterstones and, in a dreamlike state, picked up book after book from the shelves. I headed for the desk with an absolute armful. "Those'll keep you busy for a few months!" said the cashier cheerfully as she checked them through. I laughed hollowly, thinking of all the review copies at home, the books still unread from the last time I binged. Honestly, what got into me? It's as though six weeks worth of abstinence all came out at once.

Here is the list of books I purchased:

Under the Dome by Stephen King
Stealing Light by Gary Gibson
Nova War by Gary Gibson
Twisted Metal by Tony Ballantyne
I Heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk
Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn
Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce
The Ultramarines Omnibus by Graham McNeill
Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger

I am ashamed.

So, dear readers - were those books worth breaking the embargo for? More crucially, what should the punishment be for buying those ten books? I dread your imaginative responses!


  1. I have a feeling that a book buying binge happens all the easier after going a while without buying books. Heh, isn't that the greatest excuse ever to not instigate a bookbuying ban?

  2. I forgive you :-p

    I have only read Under the Dome of those books, but that is worth braking any embargo for.
    As for punishment... I wanna see a review of Under the Dome Thursday at the latest.

  3. Well, at least it's a failure of epic proportions (and I'd be interested to know what you think of Her Fearful Symmtery, which I found massively disappointing).

    Also, it makes me feel better about the fact that I tripped on my way through town last week and accidentally bought three books.

  4. You're not alone. I had a very small and easy ban which lasted all of one week... Maybe trying to get through all of them is punishment enough (just think of the guilt if you don't!) I haven't heard of most of them, but they look interesting.

  5. You are a bad, bad lady! ;)

    I second what Ole said.

  6. Well, Shiver was worth sinning for. (I haven't read any of the others, so I can't judge.) Go forth and sin no more.

  7. Boooooo! Booooooo! ;) just kidding. don't worry, at least it's not crack. or, at least REAL crack.

  8. The Gibson books and the Ballantyne were worth breaking the embargo for, I can vouch for them, the rest.....

  9. Ten books, huh? The Force is strong with you, young Padawan.

    As a bookaholic myself, I certainly know how hard it is not to buy a book. I've been cutting back myself with mixed success. It's okay to splurge once in a while. :)

  10. Well but. The new Julia Quinn! I honestly don't think you had a choice.

  11. I haven't read any of those but I'd like to know what you think of Sisters Red pronto. :)

  12. I'm going to take up the baton. I'm promised not to buy any more books until I've read at least six of my current to read pile, although the one exception I'm making is The Scarab Path which is out next month, but only because I'm going to a signing to get a copy in person. But apart from that, no more books for at least 3 months. Let's see if I can manage it! After that I'll have to get first couple of Gary Gibson ones like you.

  13. That is a good haul, you shouldn't feel too bad!!

  14. I don't blame you. I will never instate such an embargo on myself, even though I will have to quit other small pleasures I will still buy a book or two. I am a heavy buyer and when I am looking over my personal library I wonder sometimes when I'll read them all. But there are other titles that have to be on my library. So, don't feel to bad about it, I completely understand you :)

  15. @irisonbooks - Ooh, I'm tempted to say 'no more book buying embargo!' but I do have to retain some control... I'll have to get back on the wagon *grin*

    @Ole - Have you seen the size of Under the Dome?! That one will take even me weeks to get through!

    @andrew - Ha, tripped and accidentally brought books... Good excuse. I loved The Time Traveler's Wife, so I was always going to try Her Fearful Symmetry, but I am a little worried that Niffenegger only has the one really good book in her. We'll see!

    @chasingbawa - Well, I definitely aim to read all of these books! I'm really excited about pretty much all of them - it's just a question of fitting them in around review copies :-)

    @Sharon - I know, I know! But that Under the Dome review won't be happening this week, no matter the nagging ;-)

    @Kathy Martin - I really couldn't resist Shiver - I've seen so many stunning reviews of this one, and Linger is picking up just as good reviews.

    @Peter - Ha, so at least I can tell myself that I am not buying drugs? Well, that's something!

    @Rob - As soon as I received review copies of the latest Gibson and Ballantyne books, I knew I'd be having to work hard NOT to buy the earlier ones in the two series, to be honest. Looking forward to those ones!

    @Bemjamin - Is it still okay to splurge when you have literally hundreds of unread books at home? :-D

    @Aishwarya - Oh, I have heard SO many great things about Julia Quinn, not least of which from Book Chick City, so I just couldn't resist...

    @WonderBunny - Some of my favourite YA reviewers have been raving about Sisters Red, so I will try to get to it ASAP :-)

    @Steve - it's hard, it's really hard, to try and keep to a non book buying situation. There are just so many great books coming out all the time - and then there are all the older books you still want to read.... Too hard! Good luck!

    @Dot - ah, I can't help feeling the guilt. I know that these books just join the massive stacks that need to be read *sigh*

    @Mihai - Ha, I thought that you would be the harshest of my critics! Thank you for your forgiveness :-)

  16. @Magemanda
    Yes, Amanda, I have the HC of Under the Dome right here in my bookshelf. It's only 880 pages :-P

  17. Ah, I used to have a Book Ban after I binged on too many books a couple of years ago. I vowed to read all my books then, and not buy anything until the bookstores go on sale. But noooo, I didn't finish reading even half of the pile, and sale came and I bought books and books and....well, I still have a huge stack of books to read at home until now.

    I definitely know the feeling. But chin up, you can start on your embargo again. ;) Or at least set a stricter budget. :P We book addicts must try our best to keep it all under control...with emphasis on the word TRY. ;)

  18. Your punishment should be to do an extensive reading of the Malazan series by Steven Erikson. Oh wait...nevermind >.>

  19. Have you read (and I know this is going to make you want to buy more and I'm so sorry!) Quinn's What Happens in London? I ask because Ten Things... is a sequel of sorts - it can be read alone, but I'd still recommend reading the first book because it's absolutely hilarious.

    I'm looking forward to your reviews of all these books, particularly Sisters Red!

  20. There should never, ever be a punishment for buying books. Authors need your support (well, okay maybe Stephen King has enough by now, but if he keeps writing books as good as Under the Dome...)

  21. I think you stretched it a bit too far aiming for 6 months... maybe you could try doing it every other month next time, that way you can save up money in one month and buy in the other. It won't be as painful as not buying books for 6 months. :)

  22. Oh no!!! Amanda, you were doing so well!! I guess the books were stronger than we thought huh? To be honest the only way I could ever keep to a book buying embargo is by not going near a bookstore at all :D Good luck climbing back on that wagon ;)

  23. "@Bemjamin - Is it still okay to splurge when you have literally hundreds of unread books at home? :-D"

    *Magemanda - I DO have hundreds of unread books at home. ;-) It still doesn't completely stop my splurges. My name is Ben and I'm a...