Saturday 3 July 2010

SF and Fantasy Masterworks Reading Project

I am pleased to announce a new project aiming to read the full 130+ books in the Gollancz SF and Fantasy Masterworks series. A fantastic group of bloggers has come together to provide this resource: including people such as Larry, Niall and our overlord, Patrick.

I was thrilled to be included because, when I had a look at the list of SF and Fantasy Masterworks, I realised I'd read just one of them. One. That being War of the Worlds. Now I know as a book blogger my emphasis is most definitely on the new books being released, but I had no idea that the bias was quite so skewed. Most of the influential authors and works - some of which have inspired my current favourite authors working today - have completely passed me by, and so I am determined now to read through as much of the list as feasibly possible around my other blogging commitments.

I am starting with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? It will be my first ever work by Dick. Since I am one of the few people to not have watched Bladerunner, I am glad to say that this will have no influence on my reading of this classic. I will follow it with Grass by Sheri S Tepper.

So, please, click on the link above and add the new SF and Fantasy Masterworks blog to your Reader of choice - we look forward to seeing your comments and contributions!


  1. This is the kind of project I'd love to get in on, even if just on my own as a personal challenge, but if I did such a thing, I probably wouldn't be able to until next year. I've got a bunch of review copies of books to read, and I need to get back to my challenge of reading all of Mercedes Lackey's "Valdemar" books before I take on anything else!

    Still, I look forward to seeing the awesome commentary on the books of that list! And hopefully every once in a while I'll think of something intelligent to say as a comment.

  2. I've read 33 of the SF and 17 of the Fantasy selections, have another half dozen here but unread. I'd forgotten how much Philip K. Dick is on the list! Wow.
    - Richard R.

  3. @Tea and Tomes - well, definitely, definitely come across and see what people are saying about the books! I treasure each and every one of your comments on my blog, so I know we'll all do the same when you comment on the Masterworks blog :-)

    @brokenbullhorn - Wow, that is good going! I dream of the day when I'll have read even half of them, to be honest. Although it is surprising just how many of them I realised I've been *wanting* to read for ages.

  4. I loved Do Androids Dream. Once you've read that i'd recommend Scalzi's The Androids Dream, it's kinda funny.