Wednesday 7 July 2010

Breaking News - Malazan Re-Read

Well, I can finally go public on this one - although I've hinted around it a few times now.

I'm really proud to announce that I'll be working with and my fellow FanLit reviewer Bill Capossere to do a full re-read of the Malazan series by Steven Erikson. Well, in my case, a first full read. I'd sort of dabbled with Gardens of the Moon previously, but never moved onto the subsequent books. This time round I'll be doing the whole series!

Here is the introductory post and here is the first real post, where we tackle the Prologue and Chapter 1.

So far I am loving this extensive, in-depth reading of the series - and I would love for you to join and support me over on!


  1. Awesome beyond all awesome. Blogging at Good lord. Well done, can't wait to read the first installment!

  2. That's a hell of a read though! Are you doing this as a way of developing your biceps? Can't imagine carrying those books around one after the other...

  3. Hope you enjoy it! I read them all through again before piling into the latest (penultimate) one. It made Erikson's apologetic preface all the funnier.

    (Guilty secret - I skip the poems. I have to admit after three books I started skimming them, then after another two ignoring them altogether)

  4. These books are on my list of book fails, and I have made a promise to read at least the first before the end of the year. Congrats on the working with

  5. @Adam - Thank you lots *blushes*

    @Simon - Ha, the mass market paperback isn't the worst I've seen - not the first few anyway! I might be saying different when I reach Toll the Hounds :-)

    @Andrew - in every other book I've ever read, I've skipped the poetry, but here I was warned by Bill that it would give me more insight into events and whatnot. Still having to drag myself through them, but I definitely see what he means!

    @Steve - thanks! Maybe you should join us :-) We're only going a few chapters at a time - you'd easily catch up!

  6. Wish I'd thought of a thing like this!

    Congrats, Amanda. is properly big league and they're lucky to have you.

  7. Great news, Amanda.
    I got to sit and have a beer with Steven Erikson once. Great guy. Very interesting and his books rock pretty hard.

  8. @Niall - I know it messes with your re-read, but what want.... Plus, you get an entirely different readership, so hopefully you won't feel your effort is wasted! Plus, you can join us - we'd love to have you :-)

    @Peter - I can imagine his dry sense of humour being something to be appreciated with a beer!

  9. Congrats Amanda!! That's pretty big working with :D And I think I'll read along with you guys, cause I never got around to reading these after book 4 even though we have them up until book 8. So this will be a good excuse :D