Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just Friends - Robyn Sisman

Just Friends is the story about Jack and Freya - two people living in New York who have been friends for ten years or thereabouts. The book follows similar themes to When Harry Met Sally e.g. can men and women ever be Just Friends or will something always get in the way?

The characters were surprisingly three dimensional for a chick lit novel. Jack is a playboy who chases after women that he has no need to commit to, but a lot of his actions are driven by trying to win his millionaire father's approval and also by the frustrations of being an author who has written one successful first novel but is struggling to complete the second. Freya is, on the surface, a rather cold and distant woman but beneath the surface is still an awkward girl who is desperate to show her family that she has achieved much by having headed to New York alone.

I liked the characters and I liked the eventual ending where - surprise, surprise - everything ends up working out for the best. Along the way there were a few things that were either contrived or a little shocking, but overall I found this a good read and I thoroughly enjoy Sisman's style of writing which is rather like watching an episode of Friends.

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