Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Head Over Heels in the Dales - Gervase Phinn

Head Over Heels in the Dales is book number 3 in the Dales series by Gervase Phinn.

Another delightful book full of anecdotal tales. This story also delves a little more into the personal lives of the various characters we've come to know pretty well over the course of the previous two books - in actual fact, it can be likened to getting to know colleagues at work: a few interesting facts and titbits dropped here and there in the course of the rest of the story.

So we hear about Connie's father, and Harold's intention to retire, and, as always, the backdrop to the rest of the story is the love affair between Gervase and Christine, who is now Mrs Phinn.

I'm thoroughly enjoying my romp through these gentle books.

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