Wednesday 15 December 2010

Tor Books Incoming in 2011!

The effervescent and lovely Julie Crisp has just shown us three pieces of artwork for novels incoming in 2011 from Tor - here they are in all their glory!

The first is for Heirs of the Blade by the robotic Adrian Tchaikovsky (I say robotic, because surely NO ONE can write so many books so quickly - and apparently of very good quality, I need to catch up on this series of the Apt!)

How GORGEOUS is that?! I love the colours; I love the wicked-looking tree people (Ents these are not!!) and the weary central figure makes me so curious. This is just WICKED artwork from the talented pen of Jon Sullivan.

The next is for the second book by Col Buchanan - Stands A Shadow. This is incoming in August, so still a while to wait. Artwork by Steve Stone:

Hell, that's pretty damn gorgeous too! Follows the theme of the hooded figure dominating the cover of Farlander - this character intrigues me loads as well. *drools*

In fact, the only one of the three I'm not *that* fond of is the cover for Heaven's Shadow, coming in July from David S Goyer and Michael Cassutt:

It is just a little too X Files for me, and doesn't have the impact of the other two covers.

Can't be denied that Tor is producing some stunning artwork at the moment for their books!

Which do you like best? Any of these three books you're *really* waiting for?


  1. I've got to say these are all very nice covers. I'm anxiously awaiting Heirs of the Blade (after, of course, The Sea Watch in February) but the other two books are close behing in terms of anticipation.

  2. The covers all look great and you really should catch up on the Shadows of the Apt series! Book 6 is out in Feb, and the cover for The Sea Watch looks awesome too. Very curious and interested to see what Goyer has done, as he is a very interesting guy and has been involved in a couple of really good film franchises (Blade, Batman).

  3. I agree, the first two look amazing, whereas the third one looks kind of bland. Tchaikovsky's cover is awesome; I love the use of colour there.

  4. Actually, I think those on the superb Tchaikovsky cover aren't tree-people at all.

    My first thought was of the mimic stick/leaf insects - Extatosoma tiaratum in particular.

    Could be wrong, but in the world of the Insect-kinden... Who knows.