Thursday 2 December 2010

My Christmas Tree

After doing the Christmas giveaway draw this morning and spending the day looking out at a snowy landscape, I just couldn't resist putting up my Christmas tree.

Here it is:

Yes, I'm drinking wine. No, not from a pint glass *grin*


  1. Beautiful tree!

    You have one hell of a stack of books on that table!

  2. Nice work. I'm sure it wouldn't look as good if you hadn't had the wine. (That glass looks perfect for wine!)

  3. Cheers Sarah - those stacks of books are those I have borrowed from the library *blush*

    I'm still fond of the tree today, Annette, but I'm sure the wine helped last night! Certainly helped where sorting out the Christmas lights were concerned!

  4. beautiful tree! is that *more* books I see stacked up behind it??

    what do you mean you're *not* drinking wine from a pint glass? What is wrong with you? ;)

  5. Well done, Amanda. Beautiful tree! Mine goes up this Saturday!

  6. I have to say I love the tree but the way you've accidentally placed the wine bottle is sheer genius! An interior designer couldn't have done it better.

    Nice lighting too ;-)