Sunday 14 November 2010

Passion #3: Hockey

So, here is my second go at writing a blog post that reveals a little bit more about the blogger behind the blog.

One of my other passions is hockey - that would be field hockey for all the Canadians/Americans and anyone else who reads my blog and is more familiar with ice hockey. Ha, the thought of me trying to play hockey *at the same time* as skating is just TOO scary!

An ex-boyfriend played and invited me to go along and watch some of his matches. In the course of doing this I met some of the ladies from Portsmouth & Southsea hockey club, who were having trouble pulling together enough women to fulfil their league fixture. I had never played hockey before - not even at school - but they invited me to stand on the pitch with a stick to make up the numbers. Before I knew it, I was getting involved in the match, going along to training, being picked regularly for the team (even when there were more than enough players for the team) and buying my own stick and kit. The boyfriend became an ex, but the hockey remained.

I now play every week during the season (although have been out for the last five weeks with a torn calf muscle) and I adore it. To the point where the Saturdays during the summer months feel empty without it! I have also done a little bit of umpiring, play indoor hockey and attend hockey festivals with my team. I've been both the ladies captain and the mixed team captain.

Of course, the social side is almost more important than what happens on pitch! We go out regularly as a club - men and women together - and drink maybe a little too much... Pub golf doesn't help that!

Here is a picture of our mascot doing what he does best:

Eeyore comes on tour with us and went to Lanzarote this year when I and three girlfriends headed out there for a week's holiday.

Hockey is one of the best things I ever started. It keeps me fit; I get to meet and spend time with tremendous people; and there is nothing like hitting a ball to get those stress levels down! It can be dangerous, I know - I've seen some pretty nasty injuries while playing, experienced some myself - but I couldn't stop playing now. I love my club, and the fact that getting together and having fun is more important than the results (although that doesn't stop us being ultra competitive when we get on the pitch) is a massive bonus. If you haven't tried it, then maybe look up your local club and give it a go?

If you have any questions about hockey, I'd love to answer them!

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  1. I love your mascotte!! I used to play hockey during pe at school, but was one of the few in my class who didn't play competitively (hockey and tennis being the go to sports for the more well-off people in the Netherlands). I played volleyball myself :D But I do get the appeal of smacking a ball to get rid of frustration! Unfortunately we were only allowed to push the balls to prevent injuries.