Wednesday 10 November 2010

1 star Amazon Reviews

There has been some discussion recently on 1 star Amazon reviews and what they should be for - both Speculative Horizons and Fantasy Book Reviewer posted about it.

Sometimes 1 star reviews are necessary.

Check this:

And the link to the page.

Amazon needs to get this (excuse me) shit off their site.


  1. And self-published on the Kindle too.
    -Says a bit about Amazon's "publishing". No-one caught this?!?

    Hope the lack of "Customers who bought this also bought:" is because no-one bought this.

    Also scroll down to the Feedback box and report this as inappropriate.

  2. This needs a special zero-star rating. To distinguish it from books that get one star just because they suck.

  3. Untasteful and horrific as it may be, the book itself is not a crime. Shine a light on it but don't censor it. Censorship isn't the answer.

  4. @T.N. Tobias
    From the authors description:

    "and perhaps liter sentences should they ever be caught."

    I'm no lawyer, but the phrase "aiding and abetting" comes to mind.
    I'd say this book could very well be criminal.

  5. @Weirdmage We live in different countries so what is legal in mine might be criminal in yours, however:

    If this would count as aiding and abetting, any book about any criminal succeeding it avoiding punishment for his crime would be as well. This book exists in an uncanny valley where a line of sincerity is crossed by someone ascribing to a revolting philosophy. But it probably is no more graphic or disturbing than Nabokov or Marquis de Sade. Should we ban their works as well?

  6. I halfway agree with Tobias, in that censorship is not, is never, the answer. Though I feel filthy dirty just typing this, the book has every right to exist. (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.) But I would have a VERY low opinion of anybody selling or purchasing such a book.

  7. @T.N.Tobias

    I'm not for censorship.
    But this is clearly, from the authors description, a manual on how to get away with pedophilia to a lessser or greater extent.
    The book in itself might not be illegal. But from my understanding of law the author's intent is criminal.

  8. I am in shock. How did something as horrific as that get on to Amazon? Do they not do any checks on the stuff they publish for sale? Shame on you Amazon.

  9. I'm sure this book would be illegal here in New Zealand. I agree that censorship should never be the FIRST answer, but there are times when censorship is a good thing. This is one of those times. By the looks of it, this is not a novel or philosophical treatise (Amazon has thankfully removed it, but that means I only have your descriptions to go by) - it's a how-to. Also, I don't believe pedophilia is a "revolting philosophy" - it's simply a crime. End of story.

  10. The link didn't work for me. So I wonder if they took it off.