Wednesday 17 November 2010

I Simply Can't Resist These Covers....

We're playing my rather snide game of sniggering at inappropriate book covers again. I can't help myself. I feel mean. And wrong. But this one just leapt out at me!

I mean, what's going on with the naked fun and the horse in the background?

Rather than just let you snicker away, I'm going to ask you to re-title this book! What would you call it? Your reward is my laughter *grin*


  1. "Sexperiments in the Behavioural Laboratory of the GODHORSE!"

    Sorry. The writing's going really badly today and it's making me super-easy to distract. Must write stuff.

  2. She had no legs, but she could still love...

  3. "The Last Ride of the Golden Mare"

  4. Riders. Oh, that's been done already! *winks*