Sunday, 4 September 2011

August Wrap Up!

Happy to see the support of all those still participating. Word up to Daniel Franklin who has done a superb amount of reading this month - puts the rest of us to shame, I reckon *grins* Also, I just want to note for those who have joined later to the Challenge, we're actually dealing with fantasy, science fiction and horror - Christian thriller/suspense probably doesn't fit under that banner.

This month's prize pack is a book of your choice from The Book Depository and I'm pleased to say that the winner is:

The Bluestocking Blog for the review of Old Man's War by John Scalzi.

Ms. Bluestocking, please contact me at magemanda AT gmail DOT com with your postal address and the book of your choice so that I can send out your prize *smiles*

As I say, thanks for all your continued support in the challenge and for the links on your blogs through to mine.

Although it is only September, I am starting to think about 2012 - would you like the same challenge to be hosted by me next year? With the same rules and formats? Any changes?

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  1. I'd love to participate again next year, though maybe it would be fun to have different levels? Twelve, twenty-five and fifty books, or something like that?

    And of course, congrats to Ms Bluestocking!