Friday, 27 May 2011

How About This Holiday?

I have a dream. It involves me firstly winning lots of money (doesn't it always?) Seriously, I was chatting to a friend about what I would do if I won a serious amount on the lottery - the usual sort of conversation when you're a little fed up with your work. After sorting out family and close friends, paying off my mortgage, splashing out on a nice holiday, I got to thinking about what to do with the rest of my multi-millions.

It would invole buying somewhere like this:

I would outfit the bedrooms like this:

There would be bathrooms like this:

I would offer a free bar with a range of drinks such as this:

The food would look a bit like this:

Most importantly, there would be a reading room like this:

Featuring THIS:

Would you come and stay?


  1. Darren Goldsmith27 May 2011 at 11:07

    Err, yes please!

  2. Whisky and lots of books...
    I'm packing an emergency bag so I am ready anytime! :-p

  3. Absolutely. Can I run writer's retreats there?

  4. If there was a proper murder mystery to role play, that would be a bonus. :)

  5. I know NewBooks magazine does reading holidays somwhere similar looking. I would come and stay if I was rich too :)

  6. Hhmmm can't say for sure. I first need to see a high resolution photograph of that bookshelf picture there at the end! :) :p

  7. Library is too small

  8. Hi Amanda;
    I just got your e-mail to add your blog to our Indie Reviewer List. I sent you the questionnaire via e-mail. I am also leaving a comment here, just in case my e-mail gets sent to your SPAM folder. Thanks!

  9. Big thumbs up over here!