Tuesday, 3 May 2011

April Wrap Up!

Ha, I challenged you to beat 70 reviews in April - and y'all posted exactly 70 again! But I shall let on to you now that I did not link up any of MY four reviews from April reading, all of which were speculative fiction. That, my friends, gives us a grand total of 74 reviews for April - a NEW record! Congrats all - and let's work for more next month. I know that a number of us have been suffering in April from slower reading months for various reasons (feel free to tell all in the comments - mine was a combination of outside influences and suffering from the tyranny of choice i.e. out of over 2,000 books, which should I possibly choose next?!)

The prize pack for April was a brand new copy of Black Halo by Sam Sykes, and the lucky winner of this novel (not even out yet in the UK!) is:

Steve Halter over at Interesting Things with his review of The Ghost Brigades!

Steve, please contact me with your postal address at magemanda AT gmail DOT com - and I hope you enjoy the book! I look forward to seeing your review at a later date.

Now, last month I challenged for more reviews from you to beat our record. That goes as a given for May as well. But I ALSO challenge you to cruise around the linked reviews for May and drop some comment love on your fellow participants *smiles*

Also, I want to know in the comments how many people have completed the 12 book challenge already? No shame for those who haven't, but I have already read 12 speculative fiction novels in 2011 and I wondered who else had also achieved. Share and we can all say a big WELL DONE! And then we can push to see exactly how many speculative fiction novels we can read in the rest of 2011.

Happy reading everyone!


  1. I think I have, since I am using a chunk of my year's reading to date as the basis for my column this week. Let's see:

    Driftglass (started in 2010)
    Generation Loss (started in 2010)
    The Broken Kingdoms
    Monstrous Creatures (non-fic, but about genre)
    Brave New Worlds
    Last Dragon
    Midnight Riot
    Bird of the River
    Open Your Eyes
    Black Halo
    House of Discarded Dreams
    What Wolves Know

    Not quite, I suppose! Reading J.M.McDermott's NEVER KNEW ANOTHER and Emma Bull's BONE DANCE right now.

  2. Black Halo, cool!
    So far, I've read 22 spec fiction books this year. So, challenge successful!
    Lord of the Silent Kingdom
    Among Others
    This Immortal
    The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger
    The Drawing of the Three (Dark Tower 2)
    Spook Country
    The Desert of Souls
    Gardens of the Moon
    Deadhouse Gates
    The Crippled God
    Magic Strikes
    The Name of the Wind
    The Wise Man’s Fear
    Napier’s Bones
    Old Man’s War
    The Ghost Brigades
    The Last Colony

    15 different authors with 7 authors new to me.

  3. Haven't been around much recently so although I've managed to read several, I haven't written any reviews. Shall try to catch up in May, and will in the meantime read what other people have been saying.

  4. My biggest problem is remembering to link my reviews. I've written plenty, but I completely forgot about this since January, I think. I'm well over 12 read, though.

  5. I've hit the 12 mark already. I didn't even remember that it was a challenge to read 12 books until I was putting in the link for book 14! Now, I'll grant you that I feel a little cheap counting some of them, because they were short YA novels, but still technically speculative so I still counted them. Currently sitting at 18 speculative books read this year, with more undoubtedly on the way!

  6. Yup, I've read 21 speculative books so far this year :-)