Thursday, 24 March 2011

World Book Night Update 2

Two of my favourite bloggers received their copies of Dissolution this week :-)

Firstly Ria from Tea and Tomes:

And Mieneke from A Fantastical Librarian (plus a bonus picture of her tremendously cute daughter, Emma):

Are you all as jealous of Mieneke's bookshelves as I am? *grins*

I am loving receiving pictures from the various people who I sent Dissolution to - I really hope they all read and love the book!


  1. I kinda want Mieneke's bookshelves too! And, of course, all the books on them!

    Ugh, bad flyaway hair in my picture, too! Stupid static!

  2. Mieneke's shelf wins for having the Erikson Malazan books represented with new covers AND old covers. WIN!

  3. LMAO and isn't it embarrassing then that I've only read them up to House of Chains? I still blame hubby for that *grins*

    As for Ria and Amanda wanting the books on those shelves, Ria the shelves behind me to the left are mostly Lackey so I'm guessing you have those and Amanda I think you and I own a lot of the same books any way, though you have me beat by about a thousand or so :-p I'm only up to about 1100 books thus far ;-)

  4. I thought I saw a good number of Valdemar books on there!