Tuesday 19 October 2010

Winner! Book Video Awards 2010

I invited you to vote on your favourite of the four trailers for the Book Video Awards, before the award was given last Friday (15th October).

A few of you stepped up and duly voted - in your majority you picked Hypothermia as your favourite trailer. The winner on the night was the trailer for The Snowman!

And now I have picked my winner for the four books that were being voted on. There were a lovely seven people who voted and left me a comment - thank you to all of you (I know that crime fiction is not the usual to feature on my blog!)

In order you were:


I ran this through Randomiser and received the following result:

If you peer very closely, you can see that #1 came out as the winner so:


You are my winner! Congratulations to you and commiserations to everyone else!

1 comment:

  1. Hurray :D Thank you so much for running the comp Amanda! A good crime novel every once in a while does a girl good :D