Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Chainsaw Gang

What is The Chainsaw Gang?

A chainsaw-wielding, gore-loving gang of brand new YA horror writers who've had enough of vegan vampires, cute'n cuddly werewolves and romantic zombies. New wave writers, old school horror. Ladies and gentlemen, start your chainsaws...

Who is involved in The Chainsaw Gang?

(as snitched from Alex Bell's website)

First up, Sarwat Chadda (unofficial leader of the gang – and the one with the Templar warrior heroine):

Stephen Deas (the dragon man of Gollancz):

Sam Enthoven (writer of fantastical action thrillers):

David Gatward (lots and lots of DEMONS!):

Steve Feasey (writer of ferocious werewolves):

William Hussey (who writes about ancient horrors):

Jon Mayhew (demons plus fog-drenched Victorian London = a double win in my book):

Alex Milway (he writes about yetis! And I agree with Sarwat on this – there just aren’t enough yeti books out there):

Sarah Pinborough (aka Sarah Silverwood – writer of murder, madness and the Knights of Nowhere):

Alexander Gordon Smith (yes, there are three Alex’s in the gang. At a future date I may stage a mutiny and attempt to rename the group The Alex Gang . . .) He writes about an underground prison run by demons! What more do you need to know? :

And Alex herself, as introduced by Sarwat: an escaped law student, and a collector of big dogs, neurotic cats, and crazy hats. She dislikes the heroic, selfless, goody-two-shoes heroes of recent YA fiction, and far prefers anti-heroes who lie, cheat, swindle and steal all the way to the top. Her young adult Lex Trent books are about a teenage thief, conman and adventurer; battling monsters, chasing treasure, breaking all the rules – and getting away with it.

Where can you get more information on The Chainsaw Gang?

Each of the members is web-savvy and has a website, where they are currently posting reviews on each other's novels and detailing where you can go and see them in real life. Check it out. The Chainsaw Gang is also on Facebook.

These are some incredibly talented authors, writing excellent old-school horror and adventure - go and make friends!


  1. Romantic zombies?? How the heck does that work? They must have passed me by :P Ooh this does make me happy seeing this post today and I have a few of these books on my shelf upstairs waiting to be read!

  2. There are definitely not enough Yeti Books.

  3. How exciting is this!? Thanks for this post, I'm definitely going to check out these authors!