Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Message From Japan

I have just been doing some admin work for Genre for Japan - finalising a few details, contacting the last few people, and came across this message in the comments. People, you did this. Be proud.

Dear all,

I have just come across this site and learnt the activity. I know I am not in a position to represent the whole nation of Japan but just wanted to express my personal gratefulness for your attention and concern for the difficulty caused by the natural disasters. I cannot imagine how much painful for those who have been suffering in the North as I live and work in Tokyo but even life in Tokyo has been quite difficult and disturbing, both in physical and in heart. Up until the end of March, time limited power cuts due to the power plant cripple have demonstrated some impact on our normal life. Even more crowded trains due to limited services, empty shelves in shops due to petrol delivery difficulty, traumatic feeling of “shaking all the time”, etc. Saving mode (not purchasing unnecessary goods, skipping or postponing leisure) of consumer attitude is affecting sales of various sectors.

Having said that, the life in Tokyo is getting back to normal and many people are trying to do something for the recovery.

Again, thank you all for your concerns,

Best regards,

Kazuomi Ikeda, Tokyo, Japan


  1. That's fantastic! And well done to you and the rest of the gang for organising it!

  2. Well done! I think what you all did and the response you got was just amazing.