Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Genre for Japan - the Aftermath

Well, the auction is done and dusted, all bids counted and amounts totalled up. It was hard work, tense, and has caused me no end of stress. But, in the end, the wonderful genre community helped to raise (with a few more amounts yet to trickle in):

£11, 452.36

I simply cannot believe the amount raised. Everytime I see it I get a little shudder of achievement and feel proud that I was part of the team that helped to bring this about.
But none of it would have been possible without the supreme generosity and imagination of the folk who donated auction lots. How is it possible to have an auction without anything to offer?

So thanks and kudos to publishers Solaris & Abaddon, Angry Robot, Voyager, Gollancz, Tor (both UK and US), Random House Children's Books, Headline, Berkley, Black Library, PS Publishing, Snow Books, Transworld, and Viz Manga.

Enormous gratitude to the following bloggers who gave up their own special ARCs: Gav Pugh, Neth Space, Paul Smith, Liz de Jager and Mark Chitty.

My eternal thanks to the authors who donated rare ARCs, personal time and expert eyes/red pens: Adam Christopher, Al Ewing, Andy Remic, Ben Jeapes, Bradley Beaulieu, Chet Williamson, Conrad Williams, David Bridger, David Moody, Eric Brown, Gareth Powell, Greg Fishborne, Ian Watson, Jenna Burtenshaw, Joanne Hall, Jonathan Barnes, Jonathan Green, Jonathan L Howard, Jonathan Maberry, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Laura Anne Gilman, Lian Hearn, M D Lachlan, Maria Lima, Mark Valentine, Martha Wells, Matt Forbeck, Mike Shevdon, Mike Wild, Nick Lake, Paul Kane, Peter Crowther, Robert Jackson Bennett, Sam Sykes, Scott Andrews, Simon Morden, Sophia McDougall, Stephen Deas, Steven Erikson, Steven Gould, Steven Saus, Steven Savile, Suzanne McLeod, Tim Lebbon, Tom Lloyd, Tom Fletcher, Wayne Simmons, Chuck Wendig and Will Hill.

The artists! Emma Vieceli, Frazer Irving, Leigh Gallagher, and Vincent Chong.

And the sundry other wonderful people and organisations who pitched in auction lots: 2000AD artists, Alt.Fiction, BSFA, Dark Central Station, David Moore, Forbidden Planet, GOSH! Comics, Jon Oliver, and Rose Fox.

*and breathe...*

Sorry for getting a little list-tastic there, but I did NOT want to leave anyone out.

Honestly, look at that list of fabulous people who donated something of value to help out people across the world that they will likely never meet. Stunning job, guys!

And, of course, the biggest props to my partners in crime: Lou Morgan, Jenni Hill, Ro Smith and Alasdair Stuart. Y'all rock the hardest! Couldn't have done it without any one of you!

So, thanks to everyone involved. The dust has now settled and I can reclaim my life.

But guys? It was worth every minute.


  1. That is absolutely brilliant, well done! <3

  2. Brilliant effort! Enjoy having your life back. ;-)

  3. That is a fantastic amount raised! Well done to everyone involved :o)

  4. That's an awesome amount! Well done!

  5. Fantastic, well done!

  6. In the last week I think I have told everyone I know about Genre For Japan. Not just the fans who were likely to bid on the lots but pretty much anyone I could as an example of the best of genre fandom

    Simply put, you all made me feel immensely proud

    Thank you

  7. That's so awesome, I don't think there are good enough words to express it! You did an amazing job organizing this, and I know that money's going to help so many people. My own thanks to everyone who helped with this, even in a small way.