Wednesday, 13 April 2011

30 Days of Genre - Day 1

Ria of Tea and Tomes has come up with this awesome genre meme where we explore the following 30 subjects over the next 30 days:

30 Days of Genre
Day 1 – Very first genre novel.
Day 2 – Your favourite character.
Day 3 – A genre novel that is underrated.
Day 4 – Your guilty pleasure book.
Day 5 – Character you feel you are most like (or wish you were).
Day 6 – Most annoying character.
Day 7 – Favourite couple in a genre novel.
Day 8 – Best fan soundtrack.
Day 9 – Saddest scene in a genre novel.
Day 10 – Best writing style, or the style that resonates most with you.
Day 11 – Favourite genre series
Day 12 – A genre novel everyone should read.
Day 13 – A genre novel you’ve read more than five times.
Day 14 – Favourite book trailer from a genre novel.
Day 15 – The cover from your current (or most recent) genre read.
Day 16 – Genre novel with the most intriguing plot
Day 17 – Favourite antagonist.
Day 18 – Favourite protagonist.
Day 19 – World/setting you wish you lived in
Day 20 – Favourite genre.
Day 21 – Genre novel with the most interesting character interactions
Day 22 – A sequel which disappointed you.
Day 23 – Genre novel you haven't read, but wish you had
Day 24 – Favourite classic genre novel.
Day 25 – A genre novel you plan on reading soon.
Day 26 – Best hero.
Day 27 – Most epic scene ever.
Day 28 – Favourite publisher of genre novels.
Day 29 – A genre novel you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.
Day 30 – Your favourite genre novel of all time.

I just couldn't resist joining in with this, and hope to see more of you jumping on the bandwagon. As Ria says, I think some of this topics might provoke a little discussion - hopefully, anyway!

So Day 1

My very first genre novel is definitely The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. My dad read it to me when I was a very young girl - a beautiful hardback version he borrowed from the library. I was allowed just one chapter a night before bed, tucked on his lap, and marvelling at the thought of other worlds, magical creatures and evil witches.


  1. My first genre novel was volume 1 of Chronicles: Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

    A friend had been teaching me how to play dungeons and dragons and lent me the trilogy to read and I pretty much got hooked from then on.

  2. Psst, the blog name's "Bibliotropic" now. :p

    It's really sweet to think that your intro to the world of genre was at so young an age! I love it.

  3. My first genre novel was 'Brother night.' It is the story of two very different half-brothers and their destiny. brings back very fond memories that i havent thought about in years.I was in year 4 at school and I stole the book so i could keep it and mum made me return it. classic!

  4. That's a great memory of your first fantasy book. Very sweet indeed!

    I thought I'd do this meme also. My Day 1 is up over at my blog:

  5. The Hobbit, twenty years ago.