Tuesday 16 August 2011

SOPPY blokes fall in love faster and more often than women, new research suggests.

Heh, you might think this is not at all book related but bear with me! I received this press release into my inbox this morning and was intrigued enough to share it with you *grins* Your thoughts on the subject?

SOPPY blokes fall in love faster and more often than women, new research suggests.

Most men say they know whether they are in love after just one date and the rest are likely to know within three.

Nearly a quarter said they had believed in love at first sight and knew whether a girl was ‘the one’ within seconds.

Women on the other hand are more indecisive on the issue, consulting with friends and family and waiting at least a month before making their mind up.

The research shows that the average British man falls in love just over three times compared to the average women who says she has only been in love once.

But while they may fall in love more easily men also get their heart broken more often with more men claiming to having loved someone who didn’t love them back.

The research was commissioned to launch bestselling author Elizabeth Noble’s new novel, The Way We Were

Elizabeth Noble says: ‘I was surprised at all this evidence that men fall further and faster in love, more often, than women do. I’d have guessed women were more in love with love than men were, but it seems I’m wrong.

“I’ve been in love more than once, and had my heart seriously broken (shattered, even) before I met my husband. If you’re lucky, you have fond memories of first loves, but even if you’ve been damaged, I’d argue you learn, and take things forward into future relationships that can make those work better and stay stronger”

Men were more likely to say ‘I love you’ first and were also more likely than women to pine after their first love.

Both sexes agreed that their first love was the one they took the longest to get over and one in four said they didn’t think they would ever fully recover from the heartbreak their first love caused them.
Men are also more likely to regret splitting up with their first girlfriend and to think that they were happier with their first love than they are now.

A quarter of Brits think about their first love at least once a week and those that are still searching for the right partner are more likely to reminisce than anyone else.

Meanwhile women were more likely to be happy with the decisions they have made and more realistic about how happy they were in the first place.

Although women were more likely to try and track their ex-partner down over the internet and keep track on him and who he is dating.

Author Elizabeth Noble said: ‘It’s much easier than it used to be to track down people from your past, using Facebook, Friends Re-United and other forms of social media. That doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea! I was in a good place in my present life and relationship when I met up with an old boyfriend, who had recognized my author picture in a novel, and tracked me down that was and so was he, so it felt really safe. And incredibly interesting, and fun, to meet up , see him in the flesh, and find out where his life had taken him. Not all those stories have such happy, simple endings…’

Despite this a quarter of Brits still think they haven’t been in love.

Men in the north fell in love quicker than men down south with Londoner cynically taking the longest.


Daniel Cundick, 26, from Essex, thinks that men have a bad reputation for being players with women which is completely untrue.

He said: “Women seem to think we are all out to just mess them around and hurt them but that’s really not the case. In my experience women are a lot more ruthless than men when it comes to relationships. Once I know I like a girl, that’s it, I’m hooked and I end up getting attached quite easily. My mates are all the same. We end up rushing in to things and we have all got some battle scars on our hearts from girls.”

Daniel, a plasterer, thinks that men are just as soppy as women when it comes to relationships if not more so.

He said: “I think after women get hurt by a man they are more careful and treat relationships more of a game, with winners and losers. Men on the other hand are much more easy going and don’t dwell on whose fault it was so much. I definitely believe in love at first sight but if you say that to a girl she will probably just laugh at you.”

Although single at the moment Daniel is always looking out for ‘the one’ and says he is one of just a few single men left among his friends.

“Most have started to settle down now and are moving in together and getting married. And it’s the men who have been the ones pushing for the commitment, moving in together and buying flats, getting engaged, wanting children etc. Their girlfriends are a lot more careful and wary about jumping in to things.”

When it comes to first love Daniel definitely agrees that his first love took him the longest to get over and says that he still thinks about the relationship sometimes but agrees that they probably are better off apart.

The Way we Were by Elizabeth Noble is published by Michael Joseph at 7.99.

Any soppy blokes out there? Do women dispute the above? Tell me romantic stories!


  1. This was a press release for a recently published book? I'm confused. Shouldn't a press release tell you something about a book? The author is quoted as finding the results of the study unexpected so I'm wondering what on earth the study actually has to do with her story.

  2. My fiancee informs me that I am 'an emotional dead shell' so I think I can be counted out of the soppy crowd, hehe.

    I'm pretty hardened, though I tend to be soppy when it comes to cute animals and such. They're so fluffy!!!