Friday, 21 May 2010

Forbidden Planet - 3 authors, a heap of bloggers!

Yesterday I hauled my ass to Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue for a multi-author book signing. We were graced by the presence of Mark Charan Newton, Adam Nevill and *fanfare* China Mieville!

The signing was only part of the attraction, however: a massive group of bloggers all decided to descend en masse (including representatives from My Favourite Books, Kamvision, Speculative Book Review, Un:Bound, and many more!) Some of them I have met previously on my forays to Eastercon and the Headline party, and some of them I met for the first time.

I attempted not to embarrass myself by tripping up in front of China; I had a really lovely chat with Adam (who was amazingly gracious about my review of Apartment 16 - a really lovely guy!); and I snarked Mark because he decided to scribble in Nights of Villjamur!

I'm now just going to put a succession of pictures because I'm sure that is what people most want to see!

Adele and Ewa (hope I am spelling that right!)

Mark surrounded by evil blogging types! Check out the red eyes! Demonic!

Our wonderful host, Danie!

The man of a thousand controversial blog posts - Gav from Next Read.

Liz and Chloe

Mark's so professional *grin*

Me and books! A familiar sight!

I managed to untie my tongue sufficiently to ask for a picture of my new favourite author *blush*

And look what he wrote in my book!

I had a great time! With thanks to Tor UK, Chloe and Danie for making it all happen!


  1. Woooo!

    I can't wait to do something like this again, you are all *delightful* and I had ever so much fun. :)

  2. It was a fun night... great people, lots of discussion and debate. Book geek heaven I think!!

  3. Yes, you got my name right! Brilliant! It was lovely meeting you, everyone was so great!

    Ewa xxx

  4. Gutted I didn't get a chance to say hi (I was there for all of about twenty minutes...), maybe next time though! :o)

  5. It was so great meeting and re-meeting all you guys! So nice to spend time and gossip books :-)

    Graeme - equally gutted! Didn't realise you were even going!