Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A review of Up - the latest Pixar film

Last night I went to watch Up - wow! I'm used to Pixar producing beautiful films, full of emotion, laugh-out-loud moments and adventure, but this one topped the lot, I think.
Within the first ten minutes I was sobbing like a baby and had total empathy for an animated character. Pixar have a rare talent.

The story concerns Carl Fredricksen, an elderly balloon salesman, who finally decides to pursue a life-long dream and flies his house to South America. His only issue is that he has a stowaway - Wilderness Explorer Russell.

The simple plot is raised above other films by the sheer imagination and heart on display. Once the unlikely duo (let's face it - this is a rather unusual buddy movie) meet up with Kevin - a large flightless bird - and Doug - a dog whose collar allows him to speak in many tongues, the film just sweeps along.

I love the fact that nothing is explained and everything is possible - for instance, the house being flown using thousands of helium balloons, and the dogs' collars allowing them to talk. Once you have suspended your disbelief for the duration, you just end up enjoying all the madcap moments.

There were some genuine belly-laughs from the audience while I watched the film, and I confess to crying with laughter when the Alpha Dog first speaks. I also loved any scene involving Kevin.

This has rapidly taken my place as 'favourite film of this year' (and I have watched some very good films). Almost more astoundingly, it is now my favourite Pixar film. Outstanding. Go see.

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