Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Quick Update!

I hate visiting blogs that have no updates for days and days and days, and here I am doing it myself!

So what have I been doing? Mostly reading Katharine Kerr's epic series about Deverry and the Westlands in preparation of the last book being published in October (I have book reviews for all books so far and will do a massive update once I've finished this penultimate volume).

I also made a trip to the cinema over the Bank Holiday weekend to see The Time Traveler's Wife (note the one L in Traveller - silly American spelling... *grumble*). I haven't yet read the book, but, based on my enjoyment of the film, I have now bumped it right to the top of my reading list. I go on my hols this Saturday and I think it will be perfect holiday reading!

From what I can understand, the film is merely a solid adaptation of the book, which goes into far more depth. Having not read the book, I was able to enjoy a good film with decent performances by both Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana. It was romantic and heartbreaking at the end. I would gently encourage people to pick up the DVD when it arrives.

I have also been enjoying the big reveal of the Strictly Come Dancing line-up for the upcoming series! Can't wait to see Tuffers do his thang!

Look out for my reviews of Katharine Kerr's excellent books over the next few days!

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