Monday, 4 July 2011


This is a pretty self-indulgent post, I'll confess *grins*

As well as reading Black Library novels, I'm a self-confessed geek in terms of playing Warhammer Fantasy and 40K. I haven't played for a while now and my poor Tyranid army is sat in a display cabinet at home feeling lonely. So I thought I would take a couple of (bad) pictures (with my iPhone) so that you lot could see what I've achieved.

On the tournament scene they were known as Hive Fleet Rutter - although I prefer Hive Fleet Britannia, thanks to the colour scheme! My winged Hive Tyrant was infamously called Mr Fluffy, and my opponents considered it a matter of pride to gun him down. Ah, I miss wargaming. So... Yes, I'm a geek. But I am bloody proud of this army - it's one of the finest things I've accomplished.

The aforementioned Mr Fluffy!

Gaunts and genestealers

You can just spy a Carnifex behind those Warriors

A close up! Isn't he fearsome?

Oh, and, while I'm at it, have another photo. In about a month's time I am heading to see Iron Maiden at the O2. While at the NEC for Eastercon I spied this promo poster for the tour - and all I could think is that the creature on the poster is most definitely a genestealer! *grins*

Do you wargame? What army do you collect? Do you enjoy painting, or is it something to be endured so that you can get to the fun part?


  1. My Winged Hive Tyrant was called Mr Flappy. Real fear factor when people saw the model.

  2. Now you're reminding me of the huge Warhammer collection I sold for a grand total of 10 Aussie dollars. Tyranids, Orks, Ogre Kingdoms, Imperial Guard, some Space Marines... In the end I just couldn't do it any more, I'd never played, and my painting wasn't anywhere near as beautiful or detailed as yours, so they stayed in boxes and gathered dust.

    I don't even really feel bad about selling them for so little now, just angry that I kept them for so long and never really got into playing with people or socialising. Especially since I really like the Warhammer 40'000 universe (Fantasy not so much) and love the video games. Sometimes I think I'd like to pick up a model or two and just paint it; I managed to go some Games Days and saw some lovely models. fuck, no you've got me onto ebay just looking to see if there's a model I'd like to pick up!

  3. I have wargamed before, but I'm not into the whole painting hobby that seems to overtake the actual game--I'd rather play the game itself. But my wargamer friends look at me weird when I suggest why we don't play with some counters or something. So no army here or anything.

  4. As a wargamer who found your book reviews because of the Horus Heresy reviews, I am mightily impressed with your paintjob. Those nids look great.

  5. Fantastic stuff!

    Reminds me of the colour text I wrote back in the day for the Tyranids codex.

    Actually, I'm writing about [CENSORED BY THE INQUISITION!]

    Oh, and Rule Britannia!

  6. Really lovely looking Nids. I can tell you have taken a lot of time and effort to get them looking this good.

    Of course as an Ultramarine player I prefer them in a dead heap at my feet....:)