Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favourite Blogs

Here we are on another Tuesday, and so here for you, my lovely reader, is another of my irregular efforts at a Top Ten Tuesday list (as inspired by The Broke and The Bookish). Today I have chosen to talk about my top ten favourite blogs. These aren't necessarily the best out there, but they are the blogs that I find consistently entertaining, informative and non-political. Hopefully, if you haven't already, you'll check these out and follow them as well. These are my ten in no particular order - except possibly alphabetically.

1) A Fantastical Librarian

I love Mieneke's blog. I enjoy the enthusiasm she brings to her reading. I think her reviews are considered and friendly. I like the perspective she brings as a fairly recent mother to the world of blogging/reading. I always find her to be welcoming, approachable and embracing of all fiction (although she does like her speculative stuff). She is open minded and willing to take recommendations, and is happy to comment on other people's blogs.

2) Bookworm Blues

Sarah is another great speculative fiction blogger (although she has recently split her blogging duties in two, so that she can concentrate on other fiction as well). Sarah brings a more critical eye to her reviews, and has a nice turn in snark on occasion. She brings features to the table as well, and tries to create discussion points around reading. I do love the way Sarah is very happy to support independents and small presses as well as the larger publishing houses.

3) Chick Lit Reviews

Y'all know I love other genres as much as speculative fiction, and this is my go-to site for all matters chick lit. I don't find their reviews to be very revealing, being as they seem enthusiastic about nearly ALL the books they read, but I love the site for the cover spotlights they do, the interviews with chick lit authors, and the highlighting of forthcoming fiction. They really are a treasure trove of chick lit information.

4) My Favourite Books

I picked this crew not just because they are some of my favourite people, but because they approach blogging in such a carefree manner. All fiction is considered on their blog - in fact, they're currently neck deep in an Under 14s month, which is just terrific. I like the military science fiction slant that Mark brings to the party, and I enjoy the fact that they often host slots on blog tours, where we get to hear more about the authors.

5) Civilian Reader

This is becoming one of my top speculative fiction sites - and mostly because of the author interviews. Stefan is doing an incredible job landing interviews with some of the best-known fantasy and science fiction authors around. I first picked up Stefan thanks to his Warhammer book reviewing, but the site has just blossomed since then, with other genres being handled. Stefan's reviews are always excellent to read, even when I haven't agreed with his point of view.

6) Graeme's Fantasy Book Reviews

One of the original and best. Graeme might not get to all the new releases. He might do quite a few giveaways. But I love his thoughtful reviewing style and his general excitement about all things speculative fiction. Also, I know he has gone back and forth about it, and some people hate it, but I ADORE that crazy rating system of his *grin*. Also? One of the most friendly bloggers out there, and always willing to lend a helping hand to new bloggers.

7) The Speculative Scotsman

We sometimes fall out. And sometimes I roll my eyes at his *extravagant* language while reviewing. But there is no doubt that Niall is doing something different and carving himself a true niche in the blogging world. He gets some real exclusives, writes the LONGEST (but most in-depth) interviews in the blogosphere, and is willing to get down and dirty when he doesn't like something.

8) Pornokitsch

This husband and wife team first came to my attention with a review of Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind, which I laughed my ass off at, and since then have followed it up with equal gems (such as the recent review of The Wise Man's Fear, which it seemed as though EVERYONE I spoke to at Alt Fiction had read). Anne's Monsters and Mullets features are just excellent. I don't read their site all the time, but occasional articles are so good. They epitomise snark, but have a gentle affection for what they take the piss out of.

9) Walker of Worlds

Once again, it doesn't hurt any that I'm close friends with the two principal contributors to this blog - Mark and Steve are both top blokes, and share many similar opinions with me. This one is my real go to site when it comes to science fiction. Mark knows his stuff and, although his reviews are not as regular as those from other blogs, he gets to the real meat of a novel. Adding Steve's fantasy reviews earlier this year was an inspired move and has created a really holistic speculative blog.

10) SF Signal

One of the biggies. I don't read everything this gargantuan site produces, but their Mindmelds are ALWAYS worth a read. Plus the daily SF tidbit posts help to highlight some of the best articles being produced on other websites.

Looking at the list above, I reckon I'm probably teaching you to suck eggs when it comes to adding these blogs to your Google Reader!

The other blogs that I would have wanted to add to the list above if it had been more than ten would be as follows:

- A Dribble of Ink
- Adam Christopher
- chasing bawa
- The Wertzone
- Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews
- Savidge Reads
- Stella Matutina
- Stomping on Yeti
- The Book Smugglers
- Bibliotropic
- onemorepage
- Iceberg Ink

Which are your favourite blogs? Suggest me the ones I might be missing!


  1. So many great blogs:) I already follow most of them but there are some new ones I will check out pronto. One blog I recommend is Things Mean a Lot by @nymeth.

  2. ME! Haha! No, I mix my book reviews with my art & craft so am probably (ok, definitely) not considered a book blog and don't read fast enough to do what all you fab people do.

    I thinkI found Graeme's blog through one of your previous lists, he does make me smile, love his reviews. I will have to check out the others on your list - The Speculative Scotsman in particular :P

  3. Last?! LOL

    Thanks for the mention sweetheart. I read yours too pretty much everyday!

  4. That's very impressive company - thanks!

  5. Nice list! I'm happy that I have most of these blogs already on my blogroll, but there were a couple there that have just been added.

    And I'm happy to have gotten an honourable mention. :) Thanks!

  6. I'm so going to quote you on that!

    But I'm touched - hand on heart. Tremendous company to be in, too, as Jared says.

    You're really very kind, Amanda. Sure... we've had our differences in the past, but I'm a keen Floor to Ceiling Books reader all the same - and for good reason, needless to say - so it's just lovely to hear you've still got an eye on The Speculative Scotsman, too. Friendlings again? :)

    I mean, uh --- what I *mean* to say is... all's fair in love and blogging. Right? :P

  7. Wait, you don't agree with me all the time?! Scandal!! ;p

    Thanks for the mention! Very humbled to be on the list. Especially as you were one of the first book blogs I stumbled upon in my first forays into book bloggery.

    For me, I really like IceBerg Ink, Mad Hatter's Bookshelf & Book Review, Stomping on Yeti, Graeme's Fantasy Reviews, A Dribble of Ink (also Aidan's various twitter accounts), Ranting Dragon, etc. Actually, my RSS feed on any given day is HUGE - it's a wonder I get anything done.

    Thanks again. :)

  8. Aww, thanks for mentioning me! That was incredibly flattering! Such good company on your top ten list.

  9. Very solid list. It's a great time to be a reader of SF/F blogs!

  10. Great list. All must reads on a regular basis

  11. We don't rave about everything we read, but we're lucky that we're sent a lot of great chick lit. We don't seek out the crap just to review it, but we do give honest, balanced reviews about what we do read.

  12. I already thanked you on Twitter, but I just wanted to say thank you again! It's a great list to be included on! Two others I'd recommend are The Little Red Reviewer (she's often funny as hell) and Grasping for the Wind.