Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Looking back on May, looking forward to June!

Wow, May came and went so quickly I barely saw it! I did manage to fit in a fair amount of blogging fun during May, and read a whole heap of books. Here's a quick recap of what you might have missed!

Book Reviews:

1) Desire by Louise Bagshawe
2) The Turning by Helen Ellis
3) Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley
4) Ghostgirl: Homecoming by Tonya Hurley
5) Ralph's Party by Lisa Jewell
6) After the Party by Lisa Jewell
7) Wolfsangel by M D Lachlan
8) Storm Front by Jim Butcher
9) Fool Moon by Jim Butcher
10) Grave Peril by Jim Butcher
11) The Importance of Being a Bachelor by Mike Gayle

I'm pleased, very pleased, with having read 11 books during May. I also greatly enjoyed the fact that there was nothing limiting my reading (such as a shortlist read dominating my month). I really did read by mood, which you can tell from the light-hearted tone to the books I swept through. One thing I didn't see coming was jumping on board the Dresden files bandwagon! I have all the books and was intending to read them at some point, but clearly May was that month! So look out for reviews of the other ten that are currently released over the next couple of months.

I think my favourite book of the month would have to be Wolfsangel - this is a monumental start to what could be a classic fantasy series. My most disappointing read was easily The Turning - poor writing, poor characterisation, poor story. Just poor.


1) Blake Charlton
2) Deborah Beale
3) M D Lachlan
4) Aidan Moher

The majority of these interviews I actually conducted earlier in the year, but it happened they were all posted this month. All of them were extremely interesting interviewees and I'm incredibly grateful for the time they gave over to providing me with such fabulous replies.


1) Critical Reading?
2) The Book Habit Meme
3) What Qualifies a Book Blogger?
4) Forbidden Planet - 3 Authors, A Heap of Bloggers!
5) 2010 Statistics

As is usually the case, my articles were delivered on the fly, depending on what I happened to be musing on at the time. Luckily these seemed to be of equal interest to other people, going by the comments received (which I adore - thanks to anyone who took the time to stop by).

So that was May. What does June hold?

It's World Cup month. Sorry people, but I am a football watcher. And I will be cheering on England all the way to the final (or, more realistically, the second round where we are dumped out on penalties by Germany or Portugal or someone like that...)

Hopefully this won't impact on my reading too much, but we really don't know.

In addition to this, I have taken on a rather major commitment which I shall wait a little while longer to spill the beans on, and this will affect the number of reviews I am able to put on my humble blog.

But fear not! I shall still endeavour to bring you Dresden File reviews, stories of Alt Fiction and the occasional interview/article with gay abandon!

Hoping to see you stopping by all through June...

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  1. I am already anxious for the World Cup!
    I know how you feel, especially since the penalties are not exactly on the England side. But I have to admit that I would like Spain to win the World Cup, because they are playing some beautiful and creative football. I like Argentina too, but they don't seem to play at their best right now :)